Sos Peel Correct Cream Mask


The cream promises it will help those who have rough skin problems.

As it was written on the package the cream contains #AHA and #BHA, #ceramide and it makes skin #soft.

AHA, which stands for Alpha-hydroxy acids, is usually used for exfoliation but also it has different proprieties such as anti-aging and prevention of breakouts! AHA can be extracted from either animal or citric elements. In case of this cream, the AHA is has citric source.

BHA, Beta Hydroxy Acid, is also used for skin exfoliation and is best for pro-acne and oily skin because it dissolves the oil from pores.

This cream also contains ceramide which usually helps to protect the skin for anti-aging and wrinkles by forming a barrier which prevents moist loss!

How to use:

I followed the instructions, after washing my face with a cleansing gel I applied the cream on my skin and waited for 5 minutes.

Brand: Missha

60 ml

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