Cooler Cooling Massage


* Helps firm to reduce skin tissue laxity.
* Reduces swelling of the face, eye area, calf etc.
* Balances oily skin condition.
* Reduces pore size, creates even skin tone
* Effective in reducing redness and swelling
after medical/aesthetics procedures and sunburn

Placed in the freezer for three hours, keep cooling for up to one hour.


① Diameter : 53mm
② Height : 80mm
③ Weight : 85g
④ Handle : ABS
⑤ cooling plate : Aliminium
⑥ Refrigerant in the cooling plate


Please puts this cooler in the freezer for 2 ~ 3 hours and freezing it.
Should gently press or rubbing onto the parts of the body and face you want to.
It instantly refreshes the skin with cooling effect, calms irritated skin and brightens skin tone evenly.
To get a better effect, you can apply rolling massage after apply cosmetics such as essence, cream,
sheet mask, hot  gel, slimming cream, etc. to the skin area to be applied.

Brand: Thema Queen

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