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COSRX AHA BHA Vitamin C Daily Toner 280ml Formulated with GOLDEN-RX COMPLEX™(comprised of Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Extract and Hylocereus Undatus Fruit Extract), this effective, skin-rejuvenating daily toner contains AHA, BHA, and Vitamin C which will smoothen, tone, and brighten your complexion. Refreshing, Watery texture for all skin type -Toner with watery and light-weight texture suitable for all skin types. -Absorbs immediately into the skin and leaves the skin soft and smooth to prep for next skincare products to follow. Gentle but effective -Made with only 16 essential ingredients including AHA, BHA, Vitamin C and Niacinamide. -It has also been specially formulated with Vitamin C patented by COSRX, the GOLDEN-RX COMPLEX™, derived from Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Extract and Hylocereus Undatus Fruit Extract. -It is gentle to the skin and has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Main Ingredients GOLDEN-RX COMPLEX™ Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Extract Hylocereus Undatus Fruit Extract Reducing sebum & Softening skin texture

AHA Glycolic Acid (AHA) Refining skin texture Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Water Evening skin tone and texture

BHA Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Water Clearing pores & Get better skin texture Betaine Salicylate (BHA) Refining skin texture & Gently removing impurities & Clearing pores

How to Use 1. After cleansing, soak a cotton pad with the toner and gently wipe across the face avoiding the eye and mouth area. 2. Gently pat the entire face for better absorption.

Brand: Cosrx

280 ml

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