AC Return Toning Pad


This double side toning pad is suitable for those who want mild exfoliating care without irritation, especially who suffers with acnes and troubled skin. Aha Bha Pha melt the unnecessary dead skin cell on the skin and make skin smoother. Hypoallergenic peeling pad that soothes skin troubles with Centella Asiatica extract. Minimize irritation with natural origin ingredients, so feel free to use sensitive acne skin. Help to relieve the acne, and sensitive skin can be used safely with completing test for non-comedogenic and skin primary irritation.

Direction: After cleansing, use the gauze pad and wipe along the face to clear the dead skin cell and wastes accumulated in pore and bumpy skin. Then, switch to embossed side to smooth out and deliver moisture to the skin.

Brand: Acwell

120 ml ( 50 Pcs)

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