Tomato Whitening Cream


Fresh tomato extract – for your healthy blush, radiance and dewy look. Made for lackluster and thirsty skin, lacking some hydration and vitamins. Removes blemishes and dark circles effectively, even old post acne spots will have no chance. A regular use of this product provides you a blemish-free skin tone with smoothed beautiful skin.


  • Vitamins E, C and B – to prevent early aging, first fine wrinkles, and strong antiseptic and smoothing effects.
  • Lycopene (natural component of tomato extract) – organic compound, adjusting a sated red color to tomatoes, receiving its power from the sunlight. Strong antioxidant renovating and toning up your skin. Makes it wrinkles-free.
  • Ceramides – for strengthening skin layers and making it less vulnerable towards bacteria and moisture loss.
  • Lotus extract – applies a gentle calming effect on your skin, strengthens blood microcirculation and brings Vitamin C, nelumbin, nufarin, armenavin and mineral compounds along with it. Stimulates skin cells to slow down the aging process.
  • Sophora extract has the high regenerating and antioxidant properties. Helps skin to maintain elasticity, strengthens it and regulates lipid balance. Protects derma cells from free radicals, slows down the oxidation of vitamin C.

 The cream generates a quite strong protection from the aggressive external environment, has a non-sticky texture. Paraben & ethanol & synthetic dyes-free.


After serum/emulsion application, dispense an ample amount onto palms. Smooth gently over entire face until completely absorbed.


50 g

Brand: SkinFood

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