Prestige Ginseng D’escargot Special Trial Kit


Prestige D’Escargot Special Trial Kit contains snail secretion filtrate (mucin) which is good skin management system and it gives moisture and soothing effect. It is the premium line and provides multi-solutions for beautiful skin by containing snail secretion filtrate (mucin) as a mucin ingredient. It makes your skin elastic, soft and healthy. 4 sets of ginseng extract from ginseng extract to help strengthen the skin to soften skin, slow down wrinkles and whiten face. Contains antioxidants to help skin with healthy free radicals from the best snail slime in Korea in one set.

[Product Feature] – The first red ginseng snail mucilage filtrate and ginseng extract to fill the power of skin origin. – This trial kit includes toner, lotion, face cream and bb cream. – Outstanding skin regeneration effect of mucin from snail of feeding red ginseng and strengthen the skin by red ginseng.

[Contents] Kit Includes: 1. Prestige Creme D’Escargot (10ml) – cream cares the skin texture and the skin elasticity effectively 2. Prestige Creme Ginseng D’Escargot B.B (10ml) – B.B Cream (Blesmish Balm) protects the skin from external stimulus and perfectly covers blemishes 3. Prestige Tonique D’Escargot I (15ml) – Toner refresh the skin and makes the skin smooth and elastic 4. Prestige Lotion D’Escargot I (15ml) – lotion adjusts skin’s balance and makes the skin smooth and elastic

Brand: It’s Skin

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