Lime Coke Peeling Pad


An easy but soothing system to ensure the skin stays clean and pure daily; carbonic acid extract helps remove the skins waste and dead skin cells to ensure consistently smooth skin. The two steps system in one pad helps exfoliate the skin ( with the embossed side) and nourish the skin (with the smooth side). Ideal for use as toner post cleanser. The lime coke range contains lime extract and carbonated water help the skin stay clear and feel more elastic. A refreshing line of products to use; recommended for those with oily skin.

Direction: Wipe away all dead skin cells and clear the pores by using the embossed side of the pad. Replenish moisture and smooth skin texture by flipping it over to the smoother side to use. Follow up with serums/cream as per needed.

Brand: Koelcia

125 ml (70 pads)

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