Chia Seed Soothing Mist Toner


Enhance the elasticity of your skin and give it a nourished look by using this toner, which will be a fine inclusion in your skin care products. Enriched with the extracts of chia seed, it will provide your skin with an unparalleled glow.

  • A mist-type toner for quick soothing and moisture-recharging with fine moisture drops
  • A mist-type moisturizing toner to soothe dry and sensitive skin
  • Fine moisture drops impart quick soothing effects the moment they touch the sensitive and reddened skin.
  • Full hydration by organically germinated chia seeds

Chia seeds absorbing moisture 10 times its own weight immediately provide moisture to dry skin and form a moisture film for long-lasting moisturization. Contains 100% chia seeds water instead of water. Chia seeds water is extracted within 24 hours via the Fresh method, instead of water delivers the vitality of the highly pure chia seeds.

How To Use

Every morning and evening, after applying an essence, tilt the face upward slightly and spray evenly to the entire face from an adequate distance. Tap lightly with both hands for full absorption.

Brand: The Faceshop

170 ml

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